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What great fun the Arduino is but...

The IDE serial monitor just isn't sophisticated enough for some. It can be difficult to get a mass of information displayed meaningfully. The monitor whizzes past and intermixing different types of information just makes the display a muddle of text. It can also be difficult to send anything other than simple text from the in-built monitor.

The Enhanced Serial Monitor (ESM) deals with these issues and provides the following visualisers:-

Alert  - reports to the user important events with  ability to run external programs.

Copy - convenient way to instantly snapshot the monitor’s trace for you to review without interrupting the flow of messages.

Draw - provides a surface on which various shapes and text can be freely drawn.

Histogram - a 21 bar histogram plotter.

IMU - a visualiser for IMU devices in the form of a stylised aircraft.

LCD - a display emulator that provides a 80x25 character grid in order to write out data in any position and colour.

Log - Allows text data to be output to a file for subsequent use in Excel or similar.

Monitor - used to open/close the serial port and watch messages coming from the Arduino and observe the performance of the monitor.

PlotSweep - an oscilloscope style plotter for upto five concurrent traces.

PlotXY - a XY scatter plotter.

PS3 -  a visualiser modelled after the Playstation which can be used for many device inputs.

Sender - used to send messages to the Arduino where code picks up a message to allow you to adjust variables in your sketch.

These can be controlled and configured from the PC and/or from the Arduino.

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if you would like a copy of the ESM

(Only available under Windows)